Who Is Veterans Financial?

Veterans Financial Inc. is a national company headquartered in suburban Philadelphia.  Since 2004 our team has educated more than 100,000 families about the Aid and Attendance Pension Benefit from the Department of Veterans Affairs (also referred to as the VA).  We educate families interested in Senior and Assisted Living, Personal Care Homes, Skilled Nursing, Adult Day and Home Care.  Our nationwide team of financial services professionals actively helps families in 20 states and our staff can help families in all 50 states through our home office.

Many of our staff and agents are United States Military Veterans themselves or from military families who are proud to use their expertise to help Veterans afford the care they need. In addition to years of experience, our agents have certifications including: VA Accredited Claims Agent, Certified Public Account (CPA), Certified Financial Planner (CFP), Certified Senior Advisor (CSA), and Certified Long Term Care Professional (CLTCP).  Most importantly, all of our agents are mature men and women of integrity who care deeply about seniors and Veterans.

Our agents receive weekly training that focuses on financial services, Senior Living Options, the VA’s Aid and Attendance Pension Benefit and all issues that surround approval and maintenance of the funds.  Before proceeding, we always focus on the health care needs of seniors and the support their family members deserve during a difficult time in their lives.

Contact our offices here or call us at 1-800-835-1541 for a free consultation on how Veterans Financial can help.


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