A Letter from the President


At Veterans Financial Inc., our mission is to enable senior citizens, and their families, to protect and preserve assets for their current and future care needs.  From a personal perspective, I began working with Veterans and senior living communities as the owner of a home care agency.  During that time I became very familiar with Veterans Financial and the value the firm offered our clients and their families. After I sold the home care agency, the opportunity arose to acquire Veterans Financial.  The timing for a new challenge was perfect, and I consider myself fortunate to lead an organization that not only matches my personal skill set, but also to which I had previously referred so many families with successful outcomes.

As President of Veterans Financial, I worked tirelessly to ensure all families receive the assistance they need and the respect they deserve.  This starts by having all calls answered by a well-trained professional.  Our intake representatives are extremely knowledgeable in the concerns, needs, and requirements of Veteran senior citizens and their families who are experiencing long term care challenges. We don’t rely on voice mail, email, or answering services; the last thing a family member struggling to care for their loved one wants to hear is a recording.

Veterans Financial also has a nationwide team of field agents.  Each has many years of expertise helping Veterans, their spouses and family members plan for long term care expenses, retirement income and legacy maximization.  These professionals are available to meet face-to-face with families and elder-care professionals.

Veterans Financial is uniquely prepared to help, regardless of your situation.  I hope you will give us the opportunity to prove it to your family.

Warm regards,


Emily Schwarz
Veterans Financial, Inc.