In order to be confident in your retirement future, our firm offers a multitude of services focusing on creating the right retirement income strategy for you. Our experienced team of attorneys, CPAs and CFPs® have assisted more than 100,000 families with their retirement income and long-term care needs, and are ready to help you.
Our retirement income planning services include:

Life insurance

Unexpected deaths are just that: unexpected, but the repercussions don’t have to be. Whether you want to purchase life insurance to maintain a specific lifestyle should the primary wage earner die, to provide a legacy to your heirs, to increase asset values for an inheritance today or in the future, or a mixture of reasons, we can help you find an affordable strategy to meet your needs.

Guaranteed retirement income

As life expectancies increase and retirees live longer into their retirement, it’s important to have a source of retirement income you won’t outlive. Through the strategic use of immediate income annuities and annuities with income riders, the staff at Veterans Financial, Inc. can help provide strategies for a reliable future retirement income.

Tax-efficient strategies

At Veterans Financial, Inc., we understand the importance of making sure you take advantage of all tax deductions and exemptions available to you, as well as understand the overlooked tax-reduction strategies for retirement. We can assist with IRA or other retirement account rollovers and transfers, ensuring you don’t pay unnecessary taxes, penalties and fees, as well as develop a reliable distribution strategy to ensure your retirement income is maximized.

Estate maximization

To help you leave a legacy you are proud of, we will work with you to provide for your family, including spouse, children, grandchildren, parents and siblings. Through the use of our internal estate planning attorney, we can help you structure your estate in order to maximize the after-tax value of your permanent savings.


To ensure the next generation is not responsible for the funeral and/or burial expenses after you pass away and your funeral wishes are acted upon, we encourage preplanning and prepaying final expenses and funeral costs. By using a Medicaid-exempt burial policy and establishing a trust, you allow your loved ones freedom from the financial stress of funeral planning during a highly emotional time, as well as the comfort of knowing the funeral reflects your wishes.

Long-term care

No one wants to think about needing long-term care, but more than 70 percent of us will need it at some point.1 Long-term care includes services that meet both the medical and non-medical needs of people with chronic illnesses or disabilities who cannot care for themselves for long periods of time. We can help you navigate your questions and select the right long-term care coverage for your needs using innovative lump-sum conversion methods.

To provide you with the best insurance product options available to closely fit your needs, Veterans Financial, Inc. is aligned with the most exceptional and progressive products in the insurance and financial world. Whatever your retirement income needs or goals may currently be, we can help. Call us at 800.835.1541 for a complimentary, no-obligation appointment and we can help answer your questions and formulate the right strategies for your needs.

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Guaranteed lifetime income available through annuitization or the purchase of an optional lifetime income rider, a benefit for which an annual premium is charged.