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“As the former owner of a Home Care Agency, I have a special understanding of the challenges you face every day.  I can assure you that no company has a better understanding of your needs and a stronger commitment to meeting them than Veterans Financial, Inc.”

– Emily Schwarz, President, Veterans Financial, Inc.

Veterans Financial, Inc. has been educating families about the Department of Veterans Affairs’ (also known as the Veterans Administration or VA) Aid and Attendance Pension Benefit since 2004.  In that time, we have worked with more than 5,000 long term care providers and over 100,000 families nationwide to help make care affordable.

Should you have families who need your services, but simply cannot afford it without the Aid and Attendance benefits, we can help.

Veterans Financial has an impressive group to assist you, including access to four Department of Veterans Affairs Accredited Claims Agents who, along with our nationwide team of industry professionals, provides assistance to families every step of the way.  We start by thoroughly reviewing a veteran’s service history, family’s care needs, their financial situation and the Department of Veterans Affairs’ guidelines.

These careful steps ensure families meet the basic eligibility criteria before they begin the long and often frustrating process of applying for the A&A benefit.  Our thorough approach helps prevent a catastrophic mishap such as application denial after a client, who was expecting benefits, has started a plan of care that they cannot afford without the VA’s financial help.

Many less experienced companies believe their work is done once an application is submitted, but not Veterans Financial.  We make a commitment to the families we speak with, providing ongoing support whenever necessary and tackling problems that often arise years down the road, at no cost to families or care providers.  This continuous involvement and vast track record of success elevates Veterans Financial above all other firms.

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